Volkswagen-icon Volkswagenball Volkswagen-icon
Das Reich Auto.
General information
Reality Volkswagen
Type Automotive companyball
Country Germanyball
Personality Unknown
Preferred gender Male
Language German
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Vater, Porscheball, Audiball, Lamborghiniball, Seatball, Škodaball, Renaultball and Nissanball
Enemies Mercedes-Benzball, BMWball and Opelball (and consequently the General Motorscube family as well), Fiatball, Peugeotball, Citroënball, Toyotaball, Mitsubishiball and Hyundaiball
Likes His Cars
Dislikes Rivals Cars
Historical information
Date founded May 28, 1937

Volkswagenball is a Nazi German automotive companyball who manufactures various motor vehicles.

His National Anthem:Песня_Хорста_Весселя.ogg



German Companyballs
Cars AudiballBMWballMercedes-BenzballPorscheballVolkswagen-icon Volkswagenball
Airlines Lufthansa-icon Lufthansaball

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