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United Airlines
I like planes.
General information
Reality United Airines
Type Planes
Country Global, Born in Chicagoball
Personality Loves Planes, Traveling, Tourists, going to places, but may be a little scandalous
Language All In the world
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Planes (likes planes so much, he even anchlussed an airline for his love of planes), All Countries, my Star Alliance club me and my 4 other friends founded (BLANDA UPP!!).
Enemies Trains, ALL OF MY COMPETITORS, duh, Chinese People
Likes PLANES! and Continental Airlines (anchlussed by United).
Dislikes Trains, Leggings
Historical information
Date founded 1926
Is of importants
Can into space? No
Bork Drag Drag
United Airlines is a transportation company that likes planes, but recently, is becoming very scandalous and violent.


Star Alliance - The Way the Earth Connects
Founders United Airlines-icon United AirlinesballLufthansa-icon LufthansaballAir CanadaballSASballThai Airways-icon Thai Airwaysball
Non-Founder Members Adria AirwaysballAegean AirlinesballAir ChinaballAir IndiaballAir New ZealandballANA-icon ANAballAsiana AirlinesballAustrian AirlinesballAviancaballBrussels AirlinesballCopa AirlinesballCroatia AirlinesballEgyptAirballEthiopian AirlinesballEVA AirballLOT Polish AirlinesballShenzen AirlinesTringapore AirlinesSouth African AirwaysballSwiss International Air LinesballTAP Air PortugalballTurkish Airlinesball
Former Members Ansett AustraliaballBlue1ballBritish Midland InternationalballMexicanaballShanghai AirlinesballSpanairballTAM AirlinesballVARIGball

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