Russia Today News
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General information
Reality RT
Type news/documentary Channel/Intertainment
Country Russia
Personality Happy, Mad, interested, wise, uncomfortable
Preferred gender Male
Language Russian & English Are Main, All
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Al Jazeeraball, CCTVball, Fox Newsball
Likes Eastern stuff, Russia, News
Dislikes Western News, If a Terrorist killed one of He's Journalists
Historical information
Date founded 10 december, 2005
Date ended No (Officially)

RTball Is a news channel company form Russia founded in 2005 he pronouce himself as ''World's most bestest news channel of todays'' he really hates western news, because he thinks they are lying

Relations Edit

Al Jazeeraball - I like you! you are also eastern news So we are united friends

CNNball - STFU this liar is sure lieing! wow the government of america loves to lie to there people, that's why i created RT America!

BBCCubes - Yuo are of Good Probably

CCTVball - Yuo are of best clay!, Chinese Version is better than American bootleg of u, sure this can be a bootleg of CNN, but still it has better quality and more humor than ever!!

SBGball - Amerikan friend that is local, but best. He of agrees with me that liars are lying to country. Even has Boris Epshteyn, who is Russian as pundit.

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