The Lego Groupkugel
General information
Type Toy company
Country Denmark
Language Danish, English
Relations and opinions
Friends Wil Filmball, M2 Entertainmentball, Wilbrosball, M2 En.'s son, Prime Focusball
Enemies Robloxball, Mega Brandsball, K'NEXball, Fischertechnikball, Meccanoball
Likes Building
Dislikes Mega bloksball,chinese ripoffs
Historical information
Date founded 1932
Is of importants
Bork click click

The Lego Groupbrick (shortly known as Legobrick) is a Danish toy company.

How to draw Edit

That's how to draw Legobrick:

  1. Draw the basic rectangle shape
  2. Color it red
  3. Draw the yellow line
  4. Near the yellow line, draw the black line
  5. Color the letters white
  6. Draw the eyes and you're finished.

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