• WikiaFan195

    This is a christmas challenge comics of Companyballs collection.

    • No circle and advanced tool
    • No fictional companyballs
    • No animated GIFs
    • No photorealisim
    • Must be drawn comic by yourself
    • The deadline is Dec 25th.

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  • WikiaFan195

    Needs pages with navboxes

    November 25, 2018 by WikiaFan195

    We can add pages with navboxes.

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  • JamaicaballROBLOX

    New navbox idea

    November 16, 2018 by JamaicaballROBLOX

    I want to make a new navbox but it seems complicated to do a navbox. Its for Globalcube's radio stations. Heres his icon.

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  • JamaicaballROBLOX

    image changing

    November 11, 2018 by JamaicaballROBLOX

    Just notifying im changing my profile image.

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  • TheRevengeofBBC Media TV Mapping
    • Century Motion Pictureball
    • 4chanball/4chanerballs
    • Xandrosball
    • CITVball
    • Mandrivaball
    • Fedoraball
    • KDEblock
    • Oracleball
    • Arch Linuxball
    • Red Hatball
    • Zorinball
    • Gentooball
    • TurboLinuxball
    • BBFCcube
    • Hong Taiball
    • Cinema Citycube
    • Mei Ahblock

    P.S. Most of them are linuxballs

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  • JamaicaballROBLOX

    Icon requests

    October 25, 2018 by JamaicaballROBLOX

    ask me to make any icons I will of make them as good as I can

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  • JamaicaballROBLOX

    We need these pages: Heartv and Morrisonsball They are both british companies.

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  • WikiaFan195
    • Hamsterbrick
    • Radical Entertainmentball
    • TinyBuildball
    • Ketchappball
    • Kanekobrick
    • Ocean Softwarebrick
    • G-Modeball
    • GungHoball
    • Data Eastball
    • Blitz Gamesblock
    • Zyngacube
    • Avalanche Softwareball
    • Codemastersball
    • 505 Gamesbrick
    • Frozenbytesquare
    • Acclaim Entertainmentbrick
    • Disney Interactiveball

    • Olympusbrick
    • Hero MotoCorpball
    • New Lookball
    • PBSball (Malta)
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  • Astrofan2003


    October 12, 2018 by Astrofan2003

    The fan feed is not showing for me, can you figure it out?, also I can't edit pages on my mobile device, it just loads.

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  • WikiaFan195

    Needs more fix pages

    September 28, 2018 by WikiaFan195
    • Greater Mediaball
    • Luxairball
    • NADAball
    • CNSAball
    • ONTball
    • RTLball (Hungary)
    • JRTball
    • RTBball (Serbian)
    • RTRSball
    • SKY PerfecTVball
    • Bytedancebrick
    • Toutiaosquircle
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  • IIF210

    A blog post

    September 25, 2018 by IIF210

    this article need to be fixed today  

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  • Based god 1488 dab

    (angry face)

    September 25, 2018 by Based god 1488 dab

    you wont silcence me nesle/fagdom im here to STAY so dont ban me or ill erturn!!

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  • WikiaFan195

    I made a new Community Header Background, if you love it.

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  • Astrofan2003


    September 14, 2018 by Astrofan2003

    Does anyone do comics and comic requests besides Me and WikiaFan195?

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  • Astrofan2003


    September 13, 2018 by Astrofan2003

    Can somebody create images for DeviantArtball/DeviantArtistballs, please?

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  • Legionnaire12

    Hey look

    September 3, 2018 by Legionnaire12

    I’m still alive here. Pls no ban choclateman.

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  • VikipediaFan

    Mi thinga

    August 24, 2018 by VikipediaFan

    Mi thinga iso mamo a pako of VikiFon195 . ZirPeniluks and NEZDLEH aro kood porsons . Pogas loko bi helina Karci Meleri iso nid tu bi fiksd . AL'sA ese Nuverminto wha mako a alto's akounto . Ve mako a Kompanio bal kret Akain . Mi stan a KompanioBal Viki . Nat a Palondbal Viki . His mis mat bi FHONTAM Kompanio . Vi not al imak ho is mat bi Nuvermint . Hiz iz zo Strank

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  • Astrofan2003

    2,000th pages!

    August 15, 2018 by Astrofan2003

    We made it, we created 2,000th pages!

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  • Srbije

    End Bullying Campaign

    August 5, 2018 by Srbije

    So, Could we end Bullying on our Fandom Wiki? Could we Stop It? So, We have no Clues to stop bullying on it! So, I Decide to Open the New Campaign Called "Just No." Because of that, i hate bullying in Fandom. So, Could we Start this Campaign to stop bullying? Yes it is.

    So, If i can do it. well we can stop bullying by selfs of owning Abuse Filter. So, Could we stop Bullying? Yes it is.

    • Following the Rules of Other Wikias
    • Ignore them
    • Be Nice to others.
    • If your an Admin, Block them much as possible

    To be an Bully-Free Wiki, Just Join us for our Campaign to stop bullying on whole Wikia. We are Friendly too much. We can Edit, Post Blogs or Many Things that i know or we know.

    By The way, End Bullying now for Fandom!

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  • Srbije

    So, This is the worst wiki i had



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  • WikiaFan195

    Need images created

    August 2, 2018 by WikiaFan195

    This pages will be images needed, so plz draw this companyball.

    • Tobisbrick
    • Viacom 18 Motion Picturesball
    • Xeroxball
    • Canada Dryshield
    • Red Lobsterbrick
    • Dubailandball
    • Cinema Corporationball
    • Datsunball
    • Pilot Flying Jball
    • Warner China Film HGball
    • Warner Animation Groupball
    • Filmax Internationalball
    • Playhouse Videoball
    • Viva Filmsbrick
    • Nikkatsuball
    • Tohokushinsha Film Corporationball
    • American Automobile Associationpotato
    • National Geographic Societybrick
    • Shadow Projectsball
    • Disney in Englishball
    • Pennzoilpotato
    • The Britt Allcroft Companyball
    • Petcobrick
    • RE/MAXball
    • Nara Dreamlandball
    • Little Tikespotato
    • Air Programs Internationalball
    • Touchstone Picturesball
    • Merdeka Film Productionsball
    • Burger Chefcube
    • Blue Bird Corporationpotato
    • USSR State Committee for Cinematography Videoball
    • Rainbow …
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  • Astrofan2003

    The new comic for adoption is called "Tezuka Productions goes to the Atom's family house". And is put up for sale.

    Image for the comic


    Tezuka Productionsball


    20th Century Foxball


    Tatsunoko Productionball


    Signum Video Homebrick




    Mushi Productionball

    Triamark Pictures

    Cinema Center Filmsbrick

    HiT Entertainmentcube


    Westward Televisionship

    Rede Globoball



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  • Astrofan2003

    Comic requests?

    July 23, 2018 by Astrofan2003

    Does this wiki have comic requests becuase.

    1. I terrible at making comics because I don't have much ideas.

    2. I didn't draw very well at making comics because that drawing program I'm using have limits.

    3. I didn't draw comics as much.

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  • WikiaFan195

    This pages will be created or fixed.

    • BVNball
    • Ketnetball
    • Canvasbrick
    • Éénball
    • Studio Brusselpotato
    • Klaraball
    • Radio 2ball (Belguim)
    • Radio 1ball (Belguim)
    • MNMball
    • Nieuws+brick
    • Sportzapotato
    • Belarus 4ball
    • Best Wayball
    • Oxygenball
    • GEball
    • Sigmaball
    • Tanfogliobrick
    • UnipolSaiball
    • TAM Airlinesball
    • Unipolball
    • CyBCball
    • EITBball
    • TV3ball
    • Segafredoball
    • RBCball
    • Peruginaball
    • Peroniball
    • Pininfarinablock
    • San Pellegrinoball
    • Spizzicoball
    • GoogleBuzzball
    • Windows NT 4.0ball
    • Google Videoball
    • Twitterbird/Accountballs
    • Vineblock/Vinerballs
    • Twitchball/Streamerballs
    • Perazziball
    • Panoramabrick
    • Paganiball
    • Pamball
    • Olivettiball
    • Mistral Airball
    • Moto Guzziball
    • Nastro Azzurroball
    • Morettiball
    • Mottaball
    • Neos Airball
    • Novaball
    • Magneti Marelliball
    • Lambrettaball
    • Lavazzaball
    • Loblawball
    • Lanciaball
    • Linearball
    • RedTubeball
    • YouPornball
    • PornMDball …
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  • Astrofan2003

    This are the pages that are need to be created.

    Curious Picturesball

    El Niño Filmsball

    Slaughterhouse Entertainmentcube

    August First Film Studioball

    Changchun Filmsball

    Britt Allcroft Productionsball

    Korean Filmball (North Korea)

    Caution Videoball

    Edward Small Productionball

    AVCO Embassy Filmsbrick

    Pervez Productionsball

    Ismail Productiontombstone

    NOW Comicsbrick

    Triatrimurti Films

    Palace Videotangle

    Merdeka Film Productionsball

    Constantin Filmball

    Shanketan Filmsball

    I'm not going to create all of them becuase I'm to lazy.

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  • IIF210
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  • Astrofan2003

    Here's some Companyballs that needs icons.


    Argentina Sono Filmball


    Signum Video Homebrick

    Tezuka Productionsball

    Sony Pictures Animationball






    Capitol Internationalball






    Mega Bloksbrick

    G.M. Film Organizationbrick


    HiT Entertainmentcube


    Blue Skypotato



    Astroball (Poland)





    Horror Factorybrick






    There needings of more.

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  • Avastri 360

    I'm back!

    May 28, 2018 by Avastri 360

    Look at my profile page, and you'll see who I am.

    It's me, Авастри, lol.

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  • OptimusPrime33

    Hey Everyone this page YouTubebrick/Channelballs needs to be updated if you have a Channelball in mind that you want to add it is much appreciated.

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  • Iminlovewithpolandball

    Hello i am on vacation on this wiki so here is my passport

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  • Astrofan2003

    How are the icons made from and how are they work?

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  • FriedWAffles

    Ello i sm here today to advertise VideoGameball! It features, we need help growing it, so if you woupd like to come and help out, if not... just go about your business.

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  • Bustoboy20

    Custom Companyballs!

    March 29, 2018 by Bustoboy20

    Whether it's a drawing of a Companyball that doesn't have a page, or a redraw of another Companyball, this is the place to post them. Put your custom Companyballs here! i have a few here too

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  • Snow pea lover 100

    The only navbox templates listing companies on this wiki are

    American Companies:

    British companies:

    Canadian companies:

    Food Companies:

    French Companies:

    German Companies:

    Indonesian Companies:

    Italian Companies:

    Japanese Companies and Nintendo:

    Video game companies:

    And a few assorted others:

    There needs to be more here

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  • Astrofan2003

    Do not use the classic editor, it will mess up the category list or the images

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  • Kacperball

    The Companyball Added is PEGIbrick

    which i added a page Can be Found here.

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  • Kacperball

    New Logo.

    March 3, 2018 by Kacperball

    Well, I Made a New Logo, Similar to current Polandball Wiki Logo, I Hope you Like It!


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  • Nyitliongciu

    Daily Routine

    February 10, 2018 by Nyitliongciu

    Hello, my name is Nyitliong, one of the contributor of this community, i just want to say that i will be contribute only at Saturday to Sunday only, it might be night in some countries, but i'm doing it in day only. Thank you

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    I have seen that this wiki has been growing and close to being one of the most known sister wikis from the Polandball Wiki network. With that in mind, I think it's time that this wiki should be like our main wiki, in terms of allowing Fandom users.

    In 6 days, I won't allow anonymous Fandom users on this wiki to edit or make any comments, which means the only people that will be allowed to edit or comment on this wiki will be those with an account. Fandom users after December 1st can only see this wiki, but can't edit or comment on any pages. I've been considering this for the past 2 months, and seeing from the activity on this wiki, I have been seeing more accounts come up.

    To the Fandom users of this wiki, consider this as a notice to make …

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  • Asi627e2ttes


    November 20, 2017 by Asi627e2ttes
    • s
    • s
    • s
    • s
    • s
    • s

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  • Brazilian Mysterious Contributor

    Yes or no?

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  • Авастри

    Which is better?

    November 5, 2017 by Авастри

    Googleball or Yandexball?

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  • Elx8 Gamer

    New Member

    October 8, 2017 by Elx8 Gamer

    Hi I'm Elx8 Gamer. I want to collab for the wiki. Please can i collab? Thank you.

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  • Parker00

    Hello! i have idea!

    October 7, 2017 by Parker00

    Ok, do you know game called ROBLOX? welp, company who make it name ROBLOX Corporation so i would like to make something called "ROBLOX CorporationBrick" but i cant because im not administrator or something like that :P

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  • KacperDzWikia

    Special Message

    October 7, 2017 by KacperDzWikia

    Hi, Somthings Missing Companyballs so can i Add One?

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  • StronkBitterGuy

    Hello Yes

    September 23, 2017 by StronkBitterGuy

    yes the wiki is good

    But need more balls and companies

    the mcdonald's page is empty too

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  • Rafiqbuscus
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  • Kanton88Delt


    August 26, 2017 by Kanton88Delt

    Oh ok. just want to get an achievement :v

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  • Авастри

    Im back

    August 17, 2017 by Авастри

    Im not inactive anymore

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  • Авастри

    I will a little inactive in this wiki. However I will be active sometimes.

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