We really love Palestine! *cough* I mean Israel *cough*
General information
Type Public broadcasting service
Country United Kingdom
Personality Biased, Labour supporter, anti-SNP Centrist, un-biased, likes everybody, well... not everybody
Preferred gender Male
Language English
Official website
Relations and opinions
Friends Channel 4ball, RTÉball, France Télévisionsball, ARDball, Raibrick, TVEball, RTPball, CNNball, RTball, Al Jazeeraball, CBCball
Enemies ITVball, Channel 5ball and Fox Newsball
Likes Soap operas, sitcoms, British culture, British propaganda
Dislikes Anti-semitism
Historical information
Date founded 1922

BBCcubes are a British television and radio broadcasting company.

Family Edit

Reactions Edit

Gallery Edit

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